Past Events

  • IRTG field trip
    26 September 2018

    Field trip participants in front of the reactor building of the FRM II at Garching.

    On September 26 the IRTG students from BGI visited the German research reactor FRM II at Garching near Munich, where neutron scattering experiments are performed in a variety of experimental setups. Among them is also the multianvil press SAPHiR, which has been installed there on the initiative of BGI and will be used for in-situ HP-HT neutron diffraction experiments. On the return to Bayreuth a stop was made at the world famous paleontological site of Solnhofen, where most of the existing fossils of the feathered dinosaur Archaeopteryx were discovered.

  • EBSD Workshop
    23–27 July 2018

    Students and lecturers of the course “Texture and interface analyses using EBSD” at BGI.

    In July an IRTG sponsored course “Texture and interface analyses using EBSD” was organized at BGI consisting of lectures and practicals and introducing the main measuring and analysis tools in the field of grain boundary characterization with electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD). For this course a number of leading experts in this field (Marc de Graef, Gregory Rohrer (Carnegie Mellon University), Pamela Burnley (University of Nevada), Vivian Tong (Imperial College, London), Luis Morales (ETH Zürich), Matteo Demurtas (University of Otago)) was invited to Bayreuth. With 29 participants (6 of them from Tohoku) the course was very well attended and received.

  • Introduction to Japanese Culture - Professor Menkhaus (Meiji University, Tokyo),
    26 March 2018

    Professor Menkhaus
    (Meiji University, Tokyo)

    To better prepare IRTG-students for their research exchange at Tohoku University Professor Menkhaus from Meiji University in Tokyo held a lecture and discussion over Japanese culture and histroy. Professor Menkhaus teaches law and has lived and worked in Japan for over 30 years and is Chairman of the Association of Former Fellows of the Japanese Society for the Progress Science (JSPS). He was therefore able to give the students a vivid impression of the cultural similarities and differences in his entertaining lecture.

  • Short Course “High-Pressure Experimental Techniques and Applications to the Earth's Interior”,
    19–23 February 2018

    Participants of the DMG Short Course “High-Pressure Experimental Techniques and Applications to the Earth's Interior”.

    29 mainly doctoral students took part in the 20th high pressure short course. pressure short course at the Bayerischen Geoinstitut. Seven doctoral students from Tohoku University joined the course along with IRTG members from the BGI and participants from 9 countries in total. The students received a practical introduction into high pressure and temperature experiments and the numerous related analytical techniques.

  • Tohoku colleagues visiting BGI in 2017
      Name   Period
      Matsuoka, Moe   09.01. - 06.02.
      Maeda, Fumiya   09.02. - 28.02.
      Nakatani, Takayuki   19.02. - 15.03.
      Huang, Yongsheng   19.02. - 15.03.
      Tsujimori, Tatsuki   20.02. - 01.03.
      Hirano, Naoto   14.03. - 18.03.
      Sato, Yuki   14.03. - 18.03.
      Okumura, Satoshi   23.03. - 04.04.
      Nakamura, Michihiko, Prof.   23.03. - 29.03.
      Okumura, Satoshi   05.06. - 10.06.
      Nakamura, Michihiko, Prof.   05.06. - 10.06.
      Araya, Naoki   05.06. - 10.06.
      Nakamura, Michihiko, Prof.   17.06. - 23.06.
      Araya, Naoki   17.06. - 23.06.
      Matsuoka, Moe   19.06. - 25.07.
      Suzuki, Akio   20.08. - 02.09.
      Nakajima, Ayano   20.08. - 02.09.
      Ohira, Itaru   28.08. - 02.09.
      Maeda, Fumiya   28.08. - 02.09.
      Liang, Yuan   29.08. - 16.10.
      Huang, Yongsheng   30.08. - 26.11.
      Sakoda, Yozora   01.09. - 30.09.
      Ohira, Itaru   09.09. - 24.09.
      Maeda, Fumiya   09.09. - 12.10.
      Fujita, Wakana   10.09. - 18.09.
      Araka, Naoki   11.09. - 30.09.
      Nakamura, Michihiko, Prof.   13.09. - 20.09.
      Maeda, Fumiya   29.09. - 12.10.
      Fujita, Wakana   13.10. - 12.02.18
      Suzuki, Akio   20.12. - 08.01.18
      Goto, Ken-ichi   20.12. - 08.01.18
  • Short Course “Mineralogy, Mineralphysics und Seismology of the Earth's mantle”,
    18–22 September 2017

    Studenten und Dozenten des DMG Doktorandenkurses “Mineralogie, Mineralphysik und Seismologie des Erdmantels” am BGI.

    Dr. Hauke Marquardt (BGI) and Prof. Christine Thomas (Münster) organised the week long short course with 13 doctoral student participants. Lecturers included Dr. Laura Cobden (Universität Utrecht), Prof. Christine Hernlund and Prof. John Hernlund (beide ELSI Tokyo) and practices included an introductions into the construction of seismic models from mineral physics data and the analysis of seismic data.

  • Joint doctoral seminar, BGI, Bayreuth University,
    14–15 September 2017

    The second IRTG meeting was held on September 14–15 at Bayreuth, where all the students involved in the program presented their PhD projects. Seven of those presentations were given by students from Tohoku University. The meeting was rounded up by a plenary lecture by Pierre Cartigny from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris about the deep carbon cycle in the Earth and a geological field trip to the Oberpfalz.




    Guest student Yongsheng Huang (Tohoku University) during his talk at the IRTG work shop.

    Timetable pdf
  • Softskill-course in “Project management”,
    11–12 September 2017

    Participants of the softskill course “Project management” at BGI.

    Within the framework of the IRTG graduate school a softskill course “Project management” was offered on September 11–12 at BGI through the consulting company Kempkes.Gebhardt from Cologne. The course was supported with equal opportunity funds and fully booked with 14 participants (3 Postdocs, 10 PhD students, 1 Master student) offering a practical introduction into effective planning and realization of scientific projects.

  • Earth, Sea and Sky II: International Joint Graduate Program Workshop Tohoku University,
    28–30 May 2017

    May 28–30, 2017 @Tohoku University Aoba-yama Campus Earth, Sea and Sky II: International Joint Graduate Program Workshop in Earth and Environmental Sciences co-hosted by the Tohoku University GP-EES and JSPS-DFG Japanese-German Graduate Externship:

    May 28 (Sun)
     Field Trip (Zao/Azuma/Naruko volcano) 2 RVs Guided by Nakamura M.

    May 29 (Mon)
     09:00 - 09:05 Opening remarks (Prof. Hayasaka)
     09:05 - 11:45 8 oral presentations (15+5 min), 10 min coffee break
     13:30 - 14:30 3 oral presentations
     14:40 - 16:40 Qualifying Exam of GP-EES students
                    11@10 min/each student, with 10 min break

    May 30 (Tue)
     09:30 - 11:30 Poster session
                    (4 GP-EES students + other TU students,
                    1 BGI student)
    ----------- Solid Earth Science seminars -----------
     13:00 - 13:35 Prof. William McDonough (Tohoku U/U Maryland)
                    “Geoneutrinos and heat production in the Earth”  13:35 - 14:10 Prof. Catherine McCammon
                    (Bayerisches Geoinstitut, U Bayreuth)
                    “Iron matters and how it affects the
                    Earth's interior”
     14:10 - 14:45 Prof. Tomoo Katsura
                    (Bayerisches Geoinstitut, U Bayreuth)
                    “Electrical conductivity of the oceanic
                    asthenosphere, and its interpretation
                    based on laboratory measurements”
     14:45 - 15:00 Break

  • Short Course “High-Pressure Experimental Techniques and Applications to the Earth's Interior”,
    20–24 February 2017
  • Tohoku colleagues visiting BGI in 2016

    In 2016 the following staff members and students from Tohoku University made visits to the Bayerisches Geoinstiut for discussion of projects, presentations, experiments and internships:

  • BGI 30th Anniversary Celebrations and Conference,
    28–30 September 2016

    In September scientists from Tohoku University joined their BGI colleagues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the BGI. As part of these celebrations a series of lectures were presented with a strong volatiles theme, which included talks by nine international invited speakers with close links to the BGI. During the meeting Prof. Ohtani of Tohoku University received a certificate announcing his appointment as a Distinguished Affiliated Professor of Bayreuth University from the hands of Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth.


    The founding director of the BGI, Prof. Fritz Seifert during his introductory speech.


    Prof. E. Ohtani / Tohoku University receives the certificate of appointment as Distinguished Affiliated Professor of the University of Bayreuth from the hand of the University President Prof. S. Leible.


    Excursion stop at the Eclogite of Weissenstein with a geological introduction by Prof. D. Dolejs / Univ. Freiburg.


    Wednesday, 28th Welcome
    14:00 Welcome / Look back / look into the future
    (Lecture room H33 at building AI)
    Dan Frost / Fritz Seifert
    From ca. 14:30 BBQ (at BGI)

    Thursday, 29th Day of Seminars (building AI, H33)
    09:00 Water in the Earth’s mantle: achievements from BGI and beyond
    Nathalie Bolfan Casanova/Clermont-Ferrand
    09:40 Host-inclusion crystallography to constrain eclogite exhumation paths
    Ross Angel/Padova (Patrick O’Brien/Potsdam)
    10:20 Geodynamics of partial melting and its geophysical expression
    Fabrice Gaillard/Orléans
    11:00 Coffee break
    11:30 Recycling of crustal materials through study of UHP minerals in collisional orogens, ophiolites, and xenoliths: A perspective
    Tatsuki Tsujimori/Sendai
    12:10 The ultra-reducing mantle - a low temperature affair
    Max Schmidt/Zurich
    12:50 Lunch (Mensa-Frischraum; side room)
    14:00 Diamond growth in high-pressure fluids
    Hélène Bureau/Paris
    14:40 From Volatiles in the Earth to Shocked Meteorites: our exchange and collaborations with BGI in recent 20 years
    Eiji Ohtani/Sendai
    15:20 Coffee break
    15:50 Molten zones in the solid Earth: an electrical perspective
    Huaiwei Ni/Hefei
    16:30 Three-dimensional kinetic modeling of magma crystallization
    David Dolejs/Freiburg
    17:10 END
    18:30 Bus leaving from BGI to Eremitage
    19:00 Dinner at Restaurant Eremitage

    Friday, 30th Field trip
    ca. 10:00 Bus to Wirsberg
    10:30 - 12:00 Wirsberg Geo-trail (ca. 3 km) to Grundmühle/Marktschorgast
    12:30 -14:00 Lunch at Landgasthof Hermes
    14:00 Bus close to Marktschorgast
    14:30 - ca. 16:30 Hiking to Weissenstein (ca. 4 km), Eclogite, geology and stop at beer garden at Weissenstein Tower
    ca. 17:00 Return to Bayreuth
  • Einblicke - Women Geosciences Careers: Equal opportunities discussion group,
    29 September 2016

    During the Anniversary meeting a breakout session was held in the form of a round table discussion on female scientific careers/equal professional opportunities attended by female scientist of the IRTG and BGI under the direction of Dr. Katharina Marquardt and in collaboration with the staff division for “Equal Opportunities” of the University of Bayreuth. As guest speaker Dr. Nathalie Bolfan Casanova/Clermont-Ferrand described her experiences and the challenges faced in balancing career and family commitments.

    Flyer EINBLICKE 2016 pdf
  • International Workshop New Challenges in Volatile Cycling in the Deep Earth. JGGE-IRTG meeting, Tohoku University, Sendai,
    3–6 July 2016

    group picture

    The IRTG kick-off meeting was held at the beginning of July in Sendai directly after the Goldschmidt meeting in Yokohama. Seventeen scientists and seven PhD students from the BGI presented their research at the workshop. Keynote talks were presented by 10 invited speakers on topics central to the goals of the IRTG. Before the workshop a one day field trip was organised to visit areas affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.