In situ determination of properties

The following major equipment is available at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut:

  • Diamond anvil cells for powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, Mössbauer, IR, Raman,
    optical spectroscopy, electrical resistivity measurements up to at least 100 GPa
  • Facility for in situ hydrothermal studies in DAC
  • Externally heated DACs for in situ studies at pressures to 100 GPa and 1200 K
  • 1-atm furnaces to 1950 K, gas mixing to 1600 K, zirconia fO2 probes
  • 1-atm high-temperature creep apparatus
  • Gigahertz ultrasonic interferometer with interface to resistance-heated diamond-anvil cells
  • Freezing-heating stage for fluid inclusion studies
  • Impedance/gain-phase analyser for electrical conductivity studies
  • Apparatus for in situ measurements of thermal diffusivity at high P and T
  • Laser-heating facility for DAC
  • Portable laser heating system for DAC